Friday, October 01, 2010

Mystery Journaling Prompt

Since I asked everyone to try and write a short piece of fiction for their first prompt on Fiber Fiction, I thought I would share mine here:

The Mystery of Obi

The young woman jerked upright, sweat covering her body. She heard that noise again and it terrified her. The snorting, the rapid inhaling of breath cut the silence in her bedroom. She tried to pull the covers over her head and ignore the noise, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t ignore the heavy breathing and the little snorts coming down the hallway. What was she going to do, she wondered. She couldn’t close the door in time. She couldn’t run away from the being behind the snorts, sniffs, and heavy breathing. She was trapped.

She pulled the covers off her, slid her feet out of the bed and onto the cold wooden floor, and stood up slowly. The snorts were getting closer and she knew she didn’t have much time. She reached in her purse and grabbed the one thing that would appease the beast that was approaching.

“Obi!” she exclaimed as she held her hand out to the tiny shitzu and gave him the treat he was seeking out. “You silly old dog! You scared me with all that snorting!”

Obi, with his ancient eyes, simply took the treat, stared at the woman, and then walked out the door, moving on to bigger and better things. What those things could be was a mystery to the young red head.

For those of you who remember, Obi is my cousin's dog. I'm once again dog sitting for her, so Obi is snoring next to me while I write this. I'm finally going to be able to knit something else aside from dishcloths now, so look for some progress on that fair isle vest here soon!

Knit on...

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