Saturday, October 16, 2010

Picture Proof

I can't remember if I mentioned last week that I finished the Ice Queen Cowl from or not, but I did. I had no proof of finishing though since stupid me had forgotten to take a picture after finishing it 30 minutes before giving it to the recipient for her birthday. Anyways, behold the proof that I finished the cowl:And here it is being used as a hood:The woman in the picture is my dear friend. Actually, she is the one who first taught me to crochet 7 years ago now. She laughed when I gave her the cowl, because she could remember when I was getting so frustrated just trying to crochet a straight row, and now I'm crocheting and knitting intricate beaded lace designs and anything else I really want to make. Happy birthday to my mentor and good friend!

Knit on...

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tinebeest said...

It's pretty!

It's always nice to see that one's students really improved- it can also a bit scary, if they get better at it than their first teacher :-)