Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Look, a Finished Sock

Sorry it's not the best picture, but it was morning and rather than have another picture-less post today, I decided to go ahead and use the dark photo. I just got done with two classes. Only three more to go today. Thursdays are my busiest days. Good news is that they are all 3rd year students, so I am able to have better classes with them since their English is better.

I'm hooked on reading the His Dark Materials trilogy right now. I'm done with the Golden Compass (yeah, they changed a ton in the movie) and I'm now on the Subtle Knife. The books are OK, but I'm more interested in reading them for all the controversy they caused. They do have some pretty anti-religious themes in them, but it's nothing that I haven't encountered before in books. I heard that the tones will get even more harsh as the books progress, so we'll see. If nothing else, I'll have the trilogy read before the Subtle Knife movie comes out. I'll have a full review of the Golden Compass on my kindle blog soon.

Knit on...

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