Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Monkey and the Square

This definitely sounds like a new children's book title to me. Anyways, I did knit some yesterday, despite not doing anything the day before. I finished the fifth repeat on the monkey yesterday, and while I sit here at work with no classes until seventh period, I have turned the heel of it as well as finished the sixth pattern repeat. I could have a lot of this sock finished by the end of the day. Here's where it was as of this morning:I'll try to get better pictures of this tonight and post them tomorrow. I usually don't think about the pictures until it's time to go to work.

I also knit a second mitered square. I don't have enough Noro to make a third, but at least I managed to get two squares done. I now have a full block and a fourth done on the blanket. It'll now go into hibernation unless I run into Noro over here. Here's the curled up square:

The square really is about that dark. There is some teal in there that didn't show up in the picture though.

I'll keep on knitting today while the Kindle charges. One bad thing about an electronic book, it does need to be charged, and if you're in the middle of a book when the battery runs down, you really want to curse loudly.

Knit on...

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