Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Blob Returns

The big blue blob o' baby blanket is still on the hook. I'm on the third and final skein now at least, so I'm still making progress. My goal is to have this finished by the weekend so that I can pack the two blankets up and ship them out on Monday. Anyways, here is the blob:I'm also still spinning on the fleece. I'm just about done with a spindle's worth of singles, then I'll ply them. Here's the speckledy goodness:I'm still spinning at least two hand carded batts a night, so if this keeps up, I may be finished with the fleece in, oh, five years :oP I'll work more on some days and less on others, so that's why I set the two hand cards' worth as a minimum goal each day.

I've been enjoying the spinning of this fleece, but I have now come across some seconds. They are causing some kinks in the spinning since the staple length on this wool is only about 2 inches anyways at the most. For such a short wool, it is scratchier than I expected, but it is still soft enough to use for garments, just nothing that would sit directly next to the skin.

That's it for today. Tomorrow, more blob, more wool!

Knit on...

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