Tuesday, March 03, 2009

National Crochet Month and Noro-y Goodness

First off, I feel like crap today after catching DF's cold from him. I know we like to share things, but colds are not one of them. So if this post makes no sense whatsoever, I blame the Nyquil that I just took.

Firstly, March is National Crochet months. Thanks to the LimenViolet boards on Ravelry for pointing that out to me. So to celebrate, and since I had more time on my hands today at school with the lack of computer, I started two new projects. The first is a crochet baby blanket for my friend Courtney. This is the first of the replacement baby blankets that need to be made since the first ones were lost in a house fire.I really couldn't come up with an interesting way to photograph the blanket right now, so bear with me on the boring pink picture...

The second project I started was a Noro Striped Scarf using silk garden sock yarn on size 4 needles. It looks like fire and water to me so far, both being colors that I didn't realize were even in the skein until they came out.I like it so far and I like even more that it's mindless since I can't seem to think properly tonight.

More interesting stuff tomorrow assuming that my brain de-fuzzes after sleeping.

Knit on...

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