Monday, March 02, 2009

Hearts Abound and Travel Yarn

I finished my February Knit Picks Hearts About socks last night and I'm very glad that they are done now. While I like the way they look, I did not enjoy knitting them all that much. I found the lace bored me after a little while and I'm not too into girly designs in general (read: hearts all over the place, pink, stuff like that) so the pattern wore on me after the first sock was done. Here's the finished product on my new wire hanger sock blockers that I'll be using to photograph things to make for better pictures for you all:Instructions for making your own coat hanger sock blockers can be found here if you clicky.

So what did I learn from these socks and why did I continue them if I was hating the knitting? Well, these were my first pair of toe-up socks that I've done and I wanted to have a pair under my belt finally. I've been knitting socks for over 2 years now and I had yet to try anything other than a standard cuff down design with a heel flap heel. I was given the Knit Picks Kettle Dyed Essential sock yarn sampler in the fall/winter colorway for Christmas and I decided that I would actually follow the patterns and make the toe up socks just so I could say I finally did something different.

I also picked up some travel yarn. It's actually crochet thread, but that was all I could find aside from Red Heart and while I could use some tough afghan yarn, I was not going to buy that as my souvenier yarn from traveling. So here's the crochet thread:Also picked up the steel crochet hook while traveling. This will become some sort of Christmas colored doily in the future.

That's it for today. Tomorrow, I guess I had better decide what to work on next!

Knit on...

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