Saturday, April 14, 2012

Back Home

For the past two days, I have been on a business trip, but last night I arrived back home and crashed in my own bed. The trip was all right and the meeting was a good one. I arrived Thursday afternoon and watched Murray State's football team practice some after walking around to stretch my legs a bit:I knit some, then went and grabbed dinner. I knit more that evening and then had to switch to business mode for the next day. The meeting had one of the best moments in it when one of the people said, "Do you think our jobs make us grumpy?" Mind you, we are all accountants in the room and all have faced the same issue that we have to enforce the rules and not a lot of people like that. So we started a whole discussion on how do you turn off the rules enforcer when you go home. Turns out me and one of the other accountants turn to arts and crafts where there are rules, but rules that can be broken how you see fit. In the knitting time before the meeting, I was able to get two dishcloths knit:
I'm now contemplating what my next project will be. I need something portable that can go with me to Stitches next week. I'm leaning towards a new Citron shawl, but not totally convinced. Anyone have any suggestions?

Knit on...

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