Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Friday Fun

Once I actually arrived at Stitches, I had a mission: I needed yarn for my class on Saturday.  I picked up my class badge and then hit the market.  I did find a yarn to work for my class, but it really is not all that exciting since it was just a plain gray sock yarn.  I did however find a very pretty batt:
This fiber is so much prettier than the picture can ever show you.  Falkland, merino, bamboo, and firestar mix from Knitty And Color.

At Stitches, there was a wall of fiber:
The market was very fun to peruse:
After I finally got settled into the hotel, it was time to get ready for:
 The PJ Party!  They had a name that yarn contest, which is why the bunny is quite multicolored and yarny in the picture.  At first, they put us in a small room:
 They even had little desserts that were absolutely to die for!
But, as we all know, when there are knitters involved, there is generally going to be more people than any hotel is willing to believe will show up.  So, we moved down to the hotel atrium:

We had knitting pirates:

 We stayed in the atrium until security actually shut us down.  We were apparently getting too loud for their liking.  Benjamin made sure we gave them a good final shout as we all dispersed back to our hotels for the evening.  It was a lot of fun, even if it was not as long as originally planned.

 Tomorrow, I show you how fun knitted beads can be and how much garlic one knitter can consume!

Knit on...

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