Friday, April 27, 2012


One thing I have struggled with for a while now is my weight.  Two years ago, I was at my goal weight and loving every minute of it.  Then, I tore my hamstring and watched the weight come back on.  Now mind you, I have thankfully not put all of it back on, but I have put on more than I ever thought I would.

So, my journey begins again.  I lost all my weight while I was living in Korea.  As you might imagine, it is a bit easier over there, especially when your school lunches consist of kimchi, rice, and seaweed soup.  But, one thing that I noticed over there was the lack of lots of sweets.  Sure, you can get ice cream, soda, and some cookies, but there is not the same ease of acquisition as there is here. 

I also walked or biked everywhere when I lived there.  There was a level of constant activity there that I don't have here.  Now, I have a 30 minute commute to and from work, a job that requires me to sit most of the day, and a lack of a store within a mile of me to walk to every few days. 

So, what is the point of this whole post?  Mostly for me to put some goals up and re-visit them in a few months.  So, here they are:

1. Be more active.  This is the kicker.  I don't need to walk to the convenience store to buy anything, but walking down there and back like I did won't hurt me.  Last night, I did two laps around the park with a walk/jog.  It about wore me out, but gives me a starting place.

2. Cut out the junk.  I've been eating out more than I like and I've been consuming more Starbucks sugary drinks than normal.  I'm cutting this out.  Sure, I'll still go out to eat once a week or so, but I'm going to do more cooking, especially now that the farmers' market is back in session.

3. Make weekly trips to the farmers' market.  This must happen.  I need good, fresh vegetables again.  I want them.  I need them.  I will have them!  If I can walk to the market from Renee's house, then I will do so. 

4. Track what I am eating.  I have this Calorie King program on my palm pilot (yes, I still have one of those and no I don't intend to get rid of it) and I should use it.  I used to use it when I was losing weight and then stopped when I saw how many calories I was burning when I did a 16 mile run.  I am not running 16 miles at a time anymore, nor will I probably ever be again if my hamstring remains touchy.  I need to keep track of the calories and stop eating when I run out like I did before.  This forces me to make better food choices so that I do not run out of calories by lunch time.

5. Don't use the scale alone to judge.  I am so done with the scale.  I'm to the point I don't even care about it.  I just want to feel good and be able to have fun in life.  I don't want to be out of breath by the time I get to first base when playing softball.  I want to be able to make it around all the bases!

Ok, those are my five goals.  I'll try to remember to post a follow up to this in two months to see how I am doing.  This blog will not be about my weight loss, but hey, it is my blog after all and I can type what I want to :oP

Tomorrow, I'll get back to the regularly scheduled knitting.

Knit on...


amineko72 said...

I wish you all the best in reaching your five targets. I will join you on trying to cut out the junk food: I will replace the desserts (at the canteen ) bu fruit and/or yogurts (low fat obviously).

Rebecca Conner said...

I feel your pain. I had been pretty fit last summer and then in the fall and till Christmas, I started really gaining weight. I was living in a nicer apartment and baking a lot more than I use to. My place was never without sweets.

I have begun to employ the out of sight out of mind method. I put all my cake mixes, icing and the like in a basket and shoved it in the pantry. I set out my healthy snacks that I could just grab on my way to the kitchen.

I'm on the tail end of a loaf of bread and have told my self I'm not buying more. I'm allowed to make more, but not buy it.

Another thing I've been utilizing is slim kicker. ( Here is my profile, ) I've tried other apps/ websites, but I still felt alone. I posted how I was having a rough day and gave into indulgences and at least 5 people replied and gave me encouragement to keep on keeping on.

It's also fun because you level up and are encouraged to reward yourself.

Losing weight and eating healthy does NOT come naturally to me. If you need someone to listen. I'm here.