Monday, April 30, 2012

The Orphaned Orchid

So, normally I don't pay attention to what people are throwing away in the dumpster when I go to take out my trash, but on Friday, when I threw the bag of garbage into the bin, I saw as sad, abandoned orchid:
Mind you, it is sad looking.  But, it still had plenty of life left in it.  The poor orchid just needs some water and some love and it will come back.  Even as I type this on Saturday morning, the leaves have started to perk up on the plant and you can tell it's going to come back.

I don't really care what people do to their own things, but I really hate to see a plant just tossed away.  I guess I have bond with plants and I feel sorry for the mistreated things.

Now, I won't claim to be a good plant keeper.  My violets are struggling to say the least.  But, I do care about my plant friends in the window.

So, I'll be interested to see of this orphaned orchid makes it with a little water and love.  I think it will!

Also, on an unrelated note, as part of my commitment to be healthier, I have started another blog to chronicle my goal of walking all the trails listed in the Parks and Rec Fun Guide for 2012.  You can read about it here.

Knit on...

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