Monday, May 21, 2012

The Farm and a Fiber Fest

Hello, everyone.  No, I didn't drop completely off the face of the earth last week.  Rather, I left the city and went to the farm to house sit for some friends of mine.  While on the farm, I learned several valuable lessons.  The first is that if a horse wants to smell your hair bad enough, it is possible for him to inhale so hard that your head may get stuck in his nostril.  Or at least enough hair to feel like your head.  Also, when removing your hair from the horse's nose, remember to not scream out obscenities at it as this upsets said horse.  Thirdly, a shower is necessary after a horse inhales your hair.  Fourth, horses, or at least these horses, do not like the dinging noise a car will make when the door is open and the car is running.  Lastly, do not attempt to pet the pony after previous mentioned dinging noise has upset them as this will cause the pony to shoot you such a death stare that for a moment, you wonder if you might be having an out of body experience.

I ran away from the horses and back into the city to once again get around animals that have the ability to sniff my hair into oblivion.  Saturday was the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival and I went to that.  There was a wall of bamboo:
There were lots of vendors, including the lovely ladies of ReBelle:
There were sheep of all kinds:
There were alpacas, llamas, and cashmere goats:
And there were fleeces:
Oh my, were there fleeces:
And yes, I did manage to keep my promise to myself that I would not buy and process a raw fleece again after my last attempt with Charlie's fleece.  What did I buy, you might ask?  Well, that is for the next blog post!

Knit on...

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