Thursday, May 24, 2012


I also have started working on the shetland roving I picked up from Yarn Geek this weekend.  This colorway is called Bob's Favorite Bird.  When I bought the roving, I wanted to make a laceweight yarn, but the fiber seems to have other ideas.  It will probably turn into a heavy fingering weight yarn by the time it's all spun and plied.  I'm still thinking it will be a shawl, but a heavier one than I had intended.  Here's the spinning process:
I really love the feel of this wool and the colors it has in it.  It's delightful to spin and I would totally recommend Yarn Geek to anyone.  Plus, the pair of them were fun to talk to and I always enjoy buying lovely fiber from lovely people.  They have an Etsy store, so go check them out!

Knit on...

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Yarn Geek said...

Ooh, that is beautiful! Thank you for your kind words. *blush*

That colorway is called "Bob's Favorite Bird" as a sort of joke. He was in India for 9 weeks for work. The foundry where he was fed about 20 wildish Peacocks every morning, so they would hang around all day. They roosted in the trees and screeched while Bob was trying to hold meetings and get work done.

He started calling them "Fancy Turkeys" and having fantasies about shooting them after a few weeks. So in fact, the Peacock is actually Bob's Least Favorite Bird. Tee hee :)