Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Goodies

So, I couldn't leave a fiber show of any kind without purchasing something.  I decided that this year I was only going to purchase fiber while at the show this year since I purchased mostly yarn at Stitches.  I perused the tents first, then went around and second, third, and fourth time before finally narrowing down exactly what I wanted.  The first purchase of the day was 4 ounces of Frabjous Fibers sparkle merino:
I then wandered around and decided on a challenge fiber that I had never spun before.  This is 4 ounces of nylon roving from LunaBudKnits:
Lastly, I picked up 8 ounces of shetland roving from Yarn Geek Fibers:
If you haven't noticed, there seems to be a trend in my color choices.  I hadn't even really noticed until I showed a friend the yarn on Saturday afternoon and she made the comment that those must really be my colors.  Yep, guess you could say that now since I also picked up nearly the same colorways from Dragonfly while at Stitches.  Go figure.  Guess you can call me an earthy blues person!

Knit on...

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Yarn Geek said...

Nice haul! Those are my colors too. I would have an entire booth full of those colors if I didn't make myself consciously dye other ones. I had a lovely time chatting with you at the show.