Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Downstairs in my apartment building is a sweet elderly lady named Verda.  She is always asking how DF is doing, what crafts am I working on now, and, like on Friday, she asked me if I wanted any of the furniture she was getting rid of.

She had two nice shelves, so I took those back upstairs after thanking Verda (and planning to take her cookies this afternoon as another thanks) and pondered the fiber usage of the shelves.  The big one went into the craft room:
The shelf even had little hooks that I decided were perfect for hanging sock and lace weight yarn to show off the pretty colors.

The second shelf went into my living room where the spinning wheel resides:
The shelf was just the perfect size to hold some spinning fiber and add some color against the wall.

Thank you, Verda for the shelf donation!  I'm just glad to be able to show off the fiber now.

Knit on...

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