Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Thoughts on Strawberries

In the next couple of days, I will be getting 5 gallons of strawberries from a local farmer.  I'm very excited about this as the strawberry crop has been early this year and my usual farmer is already out of her crop.  This year, I planned out the canning process based on the time the vegetables and fruits should be coming in season.  Well, they came early this year and I was totally not prepared.

I'm thinking that my Thursday night or Friday night activity this week will be making strawberry jam.  Last year, I made a couple of jars of a mixed berry jam that I have savored of the past year.  I'm down to the end of my last jar, which made me very sad when I thought I would not be getting any strawberries this year.

Do any of you all can or preserve your own foods?  Has your growing season started early or late this year?  How do you go about preparing for the summer bounty of foods?  I'm just curious and wonder if anyone obsesses about local produce seasons the way I do.

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Julia Davies said...

My sister gave me some peaches and greengages and I made chutneys/relishes - just small quantities. Also I grew rhubarb for the first time so more chutneys/relishes. And with some tomatoes I made this spice Indian sauce called Kasounda.
My tomatoes have been pretty 'late' so I should probably make something more with the last of them...