Thursday, May 03, 2012


Saturday, I went with Renee to the farmers' market where we quickly became depressed when we realized how early the growing season had hit.  While this might make some people happy, we were devastated.  Why?  One word: Strawberries.

Last year, late into the strawberry season, we discovered a lovely old woman selling strawberries out of the back of her truck.  These were the best darned strawberries I have ever eaten, and I grew up in Florida, home of the Plant City Strawberry Festival!  These tiny berries were sweet and tart at the same time and made the best jam I have ever made. 

She was there this week.  She was almost out of strawberries...probably for the season.

My jam making just went right out the window.

So, we decided we needed to get plants going for the growing season since who knew how long we would get given the accelerated nature of the market this year.  I live in an apartment, so I don't have much of a chance to grow my own produce.  This year, I am dedicating part of my living room to it:
I have one Old Time Tasty tomato, one cherry tomato, and three bell pepper plants.  I will have produce!

Also, for an update on the orchid:  One day after giving it some water, it is starting to perk up.  We'll see how it does after a few more days!

Knit on...

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