Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Derby Day and Big News

Ok, I'll do the big news first. For those of you who have been following my ranting, whining, bitching, and moaning about how I wanted to get to Korea to teach and how it never seemed to be going right, lo and behold, I now have a visa in my passport and I'm going. Yep, things moved and when they moved, they went quickly. I had my visa interview on Friday and then yesterday when I got home from work, my passport and visa were there waiting for me. Anyways, I'll keep you all posted on when I'm actually leaving. Lord knows I have a ton of stuff to do before I go now.

And now on to the Derby party from this weekend:There was cake (darn you cake, I'm sure you were one of the many reasons I was sick).There were women in hats.There was me all dressed up.And John had the winning horse!

Anyways, there's the derby party and the big news. There might not be too much knitting going on in the next couple of weeks since I'll be scrambling to pack and get stuff to storage and what not. Anyways, I'll keep you all posted!

Knit on...


Anonymous said...

woo for visas! congrats yo.

Dana said...

I'm so happy for you! Maybe I'll get a chance to come visit sometime when Chris comes over to Korea on business. Love ya girl! :)