Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The First Day

Well, I'm pretty much totally worn out. I had joked that I would probably lose a bunch of weight while over here, but I didn't even take into consideration how tired standing on your feet for over 5 hours can make you. Thankfully, I only have one class tomorrow, so I'll be able to just sit at the desk and work on some lesson plans.

One thing I have noticed so far is that I talk way too fast for beginner English speakers. By the third class today, I think I may have found a good speed for them, and by the last class, seemed to be doing better. We'll see how the rest of the week goes.

I'll hopefully have some knitting-related pictures on here tomorrow.

Knit on...


Renee said...

You're going to come back to the US speaking sloooowly after all this.

I remember when I was trying to learn french, native speakers seemed so damn fast.

Jane said...

Being on your feet all day teaching is a strain at least at first. I hope you aren't having to wear high-heels the way that teachers did back in the mid-60s when I was standing in front of five classes a day.

ericah64 said...

Pictures. We. Want. Pictures. ;-D

Knitting Magic Girl said...

You got pictures now! :oP

I'll post some Korean pictures here soon too once I get them off the camera.

Thankfully, no heels to teach in. I do have high arches though and require orthodics, so teaching in sandals right now is killing my feet. You have to take your shoes off when you come in and put on sandals while in the school. I'll be getting some good sneakers soon though to keep at the school.