Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I've Been Waiting A Long Time

So last night, after playing disc golf with Erica and helping my dad get a webcam set up on his computer in Florida, I ran to JoBeth and picked up the new Dragonlance book Amber and Blood. I have been waiting for a few years now for this book and it came out yesterday, so I stayed up too late reading the thing. I'll be done tonight for sure, but I'm just glad to finally be getting the book in my hands!

There was no knitting yesterday either. I will actually get in some knitting today at SnB at lunch, so hopefully I will have some pictures tomorrow for you of actual knitting content. I'm beginning the wonderful packing tonight. Need to see what I want to take clothes-wise and what I want to just go ahead and pack up. The less I have to do towards the end, the better in my opinion.

Knit on...

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