Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wood Elves

I always liked the Magic card Wood Elves. A 2/3 for 2 green mana always seemed pretty good to me and it's a little harder to kill than the other 2/2's you usually get for the same mana cost. Now that I've lost all you knitters out there with Magic talk, I'll bring it back. The reason I bring up Wood Elves is because the shawl I'm making now is made from that colorway from Enchanted Knoll.

I'm making Herbivore by Stephen West. It's a very easy knit and it's pretty mindless, which I like right now. I should be done with it by this weekend I think. I've got 8 of the 12 inches knit on the body now. And, so you can see why the colorway is called wood elves, here's a picture:It just seemed fitting to knit a project called Herbivore out of a greenish colorway.

Knit on...

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