Saturday, March 03, 2012


This morning, I woke up in a creative mood. I decided the orchid was just unusually gorgeous this morning and had to share:
The rest of this morning was primarily filled with a baby shower for my cousin and his wife. I made sure to take some good blackmail photos of him while he and his wife were opening their presents. Here is the happy couple (I'll save the ones of him and the pacifier for later :oP ):After the shower, I had a thought about what to put in my mammoth cabinets that are in the bedroom and I decided to go to the Mad Potter. Meet Larry:He's very pastel right now, but should be much darker once he is fired. Yes, I am going to fill my shelves with painted porcelain creatures. I decided that once a month, I will spend between 12-20 dollars to paint a new addition. This will let me be creative and also fill the very empty shelves in the bedroom. Here is Larry from the back:Next week, I'll have pictures of what he looks like once he's fired and shiny. In the meantime, there's some yarn with my name on it next to the couch and I feel some knitting coming on.

Knit on...

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