Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Progress

The opening night of the Olympics led to the back spiral being knit on the In the Pink shawl.  Here is what was completed day 1:
I have now knit way past this and have completed the two side wings, the triangles that connect the wings to the center, and am now on the border that is knit around the length of the shawl before beginning the edging.  One thing I have noticed now is that the shawl looks like a giant blob and is not photogenic.  Probably will not post much the rest of the week given the crappy shots I will be getting, but I will post once I get some edging done and can take a better picture of the shawl as a whole.

Over all, it's an interesting knit and a very odd construction.  I am enjoying working on the shawl though and I find that I am not losing interest in it.  I say that now, but the edging is coming :oP

Knit on...

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