Thursday, July 05, 2012

Weight Loss Update

We interrupt today's Tour with a brief update on the weight loss journey.

This week, I lost two pounds, which brings me up to 5.6 pounds lost in two weeks.

I'm not worried so much about the scale, but it is nice to see it go down.  What I am enjoying more than anything is that some people have already started noticing.  I've had several comments from family members, and one from the guy who sprays for bugs at the apartment complex.  It's nice that even after two weeks people are already noticing a difference.

Here are some things I have noticed this week:

My skin appears much brighter

I bounced back from a cold much faster than I normally do

I still am finding that I'm not craving sweets.  I did add a little honey to my wheat farina breakfast and it almost seemed too sweet for me.

I am still very satisfied hunger-wise

Knit on...

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