Monday, July 16, 2012


So this weekend I went out on an old lady date with Renee and we decided to go to Hobby Lobby as I was in need of a very specific yarn color.  My grandmother asked for a pair of soft slipper socks in peach yarn.  I don't have any peach yarn in my stash, and since these will need to be machine washable and smooshy, I decided to go look at baby yarns as they come in the color range and meet the requirements of care.  I found the yarn I needed and then we moved on.  While at Hobby Lobby and admiring all the whimsical crap that they carry, we came across several baskets full of yarn that were all on sale.  I was surprised to see Patons Lace on sale for $3.89 per ball.  So, I grabbed a couple of balls in a tan and peach colorway.  I honestly think this may have been a subconscious move on my stasher self to make sure I now have some kind of peach colored yarn in my stash.  So, anyways, here's the haul:
Peach worsted weight and two balls of Patons Lace.

Knit on...

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