Friday, July 27, 2012

The Olympics

I look forward to the Olympics more than I do any other sporting event.  I love the non-stop TV coverage and I look forward to the stories of the athletes who have trained their whole lives for these events.  I cry, I cheer, and I celebrate each victory whether it be a Team USA winner or any other country on the planet.  It brings us all together and I love that about the events.

Tonight, the opening ceremonies will be broadcast starting at 7:30 PM EST on NBC.  I am going to go over to Renee's, where we will have Olympic-themed food and yarn.  When the opening ceremonies begin, so does the Olympic knitting.  Turns out that we are both knitting the same pattern, so that will be fun to have someone to talk to about the same thing while we bawl our eyes out at the grand spectacle that is the opening ceremonies.

So, wherever you are, go cheer your country's athletes and give them love.  They have all overcome many obstacles to get where they are and they are in for the challenge of their lives.

Knit on...

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