Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Skinny Rules Update

Ok, just a quick update on week 3 of the Skinny Rules.  I lost another 2.2 pounds this week, so I am now down 7.6 pounds in 3 weeks.  I'm more thrilled with how well my clothes are fitting again and how I'm starting to firm up some now instead of being a complete marshmallow. 

On a funny note, I talked to my mom on Saturday and she mentioned that she was reading this book by Bob Harper called the Skinny Rules and wanted to know if I had heard about it.  Well, turns out that we're both following the plan and that was completely un-planned.  Mom seems to be liking the concepts in the book as much as I did, so I'm glad we get to go through this journey some together, even if we are several states apart.

On a sad note, while talking with my parents, I learned that one of my favorite softball coaches and his wife were in a horrible car accident.  His wife did not survive the crash and he is currently in critical condition.  Mark's team was one of the most enjoyable teams I ever played for.  I loved everyone on that team and am still friends with a good majority of them.  I received several messages over the weekend about the crash and each one made me want to cry.  If you're reading this, please send prayers for Mark Matheson, his daughter Emily, and the rest of his family.  I know I sure am right now.

Knit on...

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