Thursday, October 30, 2008

Socks and "Shrooms

I just finished the second Camo sock, but I won't have a picture of the finished sock until tomorrow. So to hold you over, here's what it looked like this morning when I took a quick picture:But it's all finished now and I'm happy about that. Now I'm going to start a really basic feather and fan lace scarf because I want something that is no brainer since Nanowrimo starts in two days. I'll be focusing most of my attention on writing, so the blog may be a little scarce with new knitting material for a while. I will still be knitting though because I just have to. All work and no fiber makes Leah cranky.

On another side note, I went out to eat last night and had a mushroom stew which was to die for:That's a big pile of 'shrooms with some thinly sliced beef. I now want more.

Knit on...

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Janis said...

Mmm, those stew ingredients look wonderful.