Friday, October 10, 2008

Two Knits for the Price of One!

Normally it's one or the other per blog post, but today you're in luck. For this blog post and this blog post only, I bring you not one, but two knitting projects! Step right up and see the colorwork that is Donegal:The knitting has taken on a mind of its own. It even throws up its own ends when it has had enough for one night:The scarf also has a mind of its own and said that it needed a length shot since it was neglected in yesterday's blog post:It didn't listen to my protests that I was in my pajamas for the night. Then it posed for a more subtle picture, all curled up and looking pretty:Now that the knits have had their blog time, I'm off. Thank goodness it's Friday. Oh, and it's also SnB with C tonight. Coffee, cake, yarn, and good company is always a good thing.

Knit on...

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Kim Colley said...

The sweater is beautiful. It's so generous of you to knit it for me. Bless you.