Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Spinning, Spinning, Spinning...Now I need to ply

Wednesdays are for spinning, so I hunkered down last night with the alpaca roving and spun up a second ball of the singles:I've got enough roving to probably do another 1-2 balls of singles. Since I didn't weigh the roving before I started spinning, I have decided to andean ply the singles so that I can get every last inch out of the yarn. The singles are a light fingering (aside from that big fluff end on the second ball there) and I hope that they will make a decent worsted weight yarn when all is said and done. I'm anxious to start working with this yarn, so I'm probably going to have to ply next week at the very least so I can have some yarn to fondle.

I also spun this much more of the roving once the second ball was off the spindle:It's not much, but there's enough there that it's going to keep me from plying unless I finish it up. I might just have to neglect Donegal knitting tonight and finish up some spinning so I can ply like crazy next week. We'll see what mood I'm in tonight when I sit down and decide what to work on.

Hm, fondle alpaca or work on colorwork...what to do?

Knit on...

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