Monday, November 10, 2008

The Autosummary of my Book

I was reading the nano forums from the procrastination station and found this thread about autosummary in Word. For fun, I decided I was curious enough to see what words were being used way too much in my book. Here is my 10 sentence summary:

Brennan cringed. Brennan asked. Brennan asked. Brennan asked. “Brennan. Brennan nodded. Brennan nodded. “Thanks, Brennan. Brennan shrugged. Brennan nodded.

As you can see, Brennan nods and asks too much stuff :oP If Brennan were not the name of my main character, I would also be even more horribly frightened of this :oP

1 comment:

errs said...

I'm more worried about the cringing than the asking. ;)