Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I Do Still Live

Hey, everyone. Just popping on to let you know that I still live, but I might be catching a cold. Tonight when I get home, I am hitting the Zicam in hopes that if this is a cold, it will wipe it out. Right now it feels like my sinuses have a life of their own, so we'll see.

I have been knitting some on the scarf, but due to brain cells possibly joining the party in my sinuses this morning, stupid me forgot to bring the picture that I promised yesterday. If I am able to function when I get home, I'll try to post it. If not, just imagine a whopping three inches of feather and fan lace in knitpicks turquois splendor.

And it looks like we have a new president now. My blog is a politics-free zone, so I won't share my thoughts about it on here, but it looks like there will be a lot of change coming for sure.

Lastly, the word count on my novel is almost 16,000. I hope to get to 17000 by the end of tonight, but who knows how well I'll be writing when I get home.

Knit on...

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errs said...

I do hope you feel better fast. Are you sure some kimchi won't just kick that cold right out? It works for me. ;)