Monday, November 10, 2008

Uh, What Knitting Pictures?

Uh, did I promise pictures of knitting yesterday? Clearly my mind if warped from this novel writing thing. I would take pictures of the knitting normally, if my mind wasn't thinking about weaknesses of certain main characters and how a certain bad guy is going to exploit those. I would normally knit if my head wasn't churning out plot ideas on how my main character is going to save his friend.

So instead, I give you more novel info! I do solemnly swear that this blog will go back to its usual pictures and knitting content once the novel is finished. I intend to let it sit for at least a few weeks before I go through and read all the craptapulous stuff that I have now written.

Word Count: 28,000ish
Chapters: 12
Character Deaths: 1
Flashbacks: 2
Near Death Experiences: more than I care to count.
Favorite line from chapter 12: Being almost killed in uncountable ways in the course of forty eight hours really puts things in perspective, he thought as he ate the piece of tasteless bread.

Knit on...

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