Friday, November 14, 2008

This is a Knitting Blog!

Look, before I go any further:Knitting. There, I proved that I do actually knit. This is the feather and fan scarf of abandon. I call it this because I started it, thinking it would be nice and easy to work on while nano-ing, but no. I abandoned it, threw it aside as the writing muses took over and forced me to be a slave to the computer as the words just seemed to flow. Yesterday I had the day off work, so I knit some, albeit still not very much. I was more interested in cooking two huge pots of vegetable soup and freezing one. Now I'll have some nice, hot soup for dinners now that the weather has turned pretty cool.

Maybe I'll knit some this weekend too. Of course I'm at almost 35,000 words too, so maybe I'll just see how many more I can crank out and just how close I can get to the story's end.

We'll see :oP

Knit on...

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errs said...

The yarn color is gorgeous! You'll get back to knitting - go write soem more. ;)