Thursday, June 07, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different

While being laid up with the foot, I decided that I would dig through some of the craft cabinet and see what new thing I wanted to make.  I wanted something other than knitting since I had worked non-stop on the shawl for several days.  So, I found a needlepoint coin purse I had picked up at Hobby Lobby ages ago.  I've never done needlepoint before, so I figured, what the heck?  Might as well try something new and get ahead on a Christmas present for this year.  I'm not very far along on it, but here it is:
I am enjoying it so far.  I've done cross stitch pieces before, so I'm not new to needlework, but this is different.  It's rather fun though and very simple.

Knit on...

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