Monday, June 25, 2012

A Week In

I mentioned on Wednesday that I was starting the Skinny Rule program by Bob Harper.  Well, at the time I am writing this, I am one week in.  Here are some changes I have noticed:

1. I am not hungry even though my calorie content is lower than I have been eating.
2. My taste has come back in ways I didn't think was possible.  I think this is directly related to cutting out all artificial sweeteners.  It has been a week now and I have not had a single ounce of the stuff.
3. I have more energy and am sleeping better.  Again, I think this ties into the artificial sweeteners. 
4. My cravings are no longer for sweet things.  When I eat something sweet, it is usually fruit.  I have had one serving of homemade almond honey ice cream, made with all natural ingredients including local spring honey.  This tasted wonderful and I didn't want anymore like I do when I make it with splenda.
5. I have lost 3.6 pounds in the first week.  My weight has not budged since I have been off my feet for over a month now.  I still can't do much for exercise, but it was nice to see how my body adjusted to this new way of eating.

So, all in all, I am very pleased with the results this far.  It's an easy program and allows for many different choices.  I'm looking forward to continuing with this program and discovering tastes that I have not experienced in ages.

Knit on...

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