Monday, June 11, 2012


This week at the college, they have been weeding out some of the older books to make room for new ones that students have requested.  Before they donate the books, they gave the employees of the college a chance to go through them and pick out anything we wanted.  I hobbled over to the book table and found some that I thought needed to come home with me.  Most of them were books like this:
The Shakespeare books are from the 1930s and have notes scribbled in them from past students.  I have enjoyed flipping through them to see what the students were writing about then and what they found interesting about each work I picked up.

I also picked up a Rudyard Kipling collection of short stories and poems from 1926 and a volume of poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning from 1884 that is stamped with the old school name of the Kentucky Female Orphan School, which I found very interesting.  Here is my haul:
Knit on...and go read something!

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