Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Skinny Rules

This week, I began following Bob Harper's Skinny Rules.  I'm not usually big on following a celebrity plan, but this is a common sense approach to dealing with food.  I read the book, prepared some food, and I am now ready to dive head in to my food issues.  It will take some time to detox my body from the crap I have been feeding it, so I expect that it won't be easy to say the least.

What I really want to address is my food issues.  When I lost all the weight a few years ago, I did so by literally running myself to the ground.  I literally fell on the ground from abusing my body by being too competitive and not listening to the warning signs it was giving me that I was about to blow a hamstring.  And you know what, I did.  In a race.  That I still finished despite the terrible injury.

Fast forward two years and I've gained almost 50 of those 80 pounds that I lost back.  The reason?  I never really changed my eating lifestyle.  Sure, I cut back on calories, but as I started running, I started consuming tons more of them because I could.  I started running longer distances because I could eat more.  And it worked, but it did not give me control when I couldn't run suddenly.  The weight came on very fast.  Within three months, I had already put on almost 20 pounds.  This caused me to get upset, and so I did what I always did before: I turned to sweets.

I'm going to be detoxing from sweets and the artificial sweeteners.  Nutrasweet is going to be hard for me since I drink diet drinks.  Now I will not be.  I will be only drinking stuff I prepare from scratch.  That will be water, tea, and any sodas I create in my kitchen with natural ingredients.  No more crap.

I've already started losing a little weight in the past few weeks because I started trying to eat less.  Now I'm ready to tackle what I'm actually eating and give my body better fuel.  It'll help my ankle healing and it will help me feel better.

So, here we go!

Knit on...


Rebecca Conner said...

This is so amazing! I know how hard lifestyle changes can be. Every time I have a shorter dinner break (twice a week) I bring a big ole salad. I've stopped buying snacks because then I eat them. Instead if i want a treat I've got to cook it up from scratch. I do keep some oatmeal and yogurt for snacking. If you're making your own sweet beverages check Target for good tea jugs with a dispenser nozzle.

Best of luck. Keep us posted.

Linda said...

I love that book and the rules. I am giving up aspartame too; first to go was the Crystal Light, then the packets with my coffee. I still have a few Coke Zeros in the fridge but when they're gone, it will be all water, and homemade tea.

My favorite rule-- eat 10 meals that you make at home each week.