Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Finished Sock and a Random Crochet Project

I finished the first monkey sock yesterday. I would have started working on the second, but it was so hot in here yesterday that wool and bare hands just really didn't want to work together. But I was determined to at least finish the first one:Sorry the picture is dark. I'll try to get better pictures of these socks when they are all done.

I also crocheted a random thing last night. DF and I might go hiking this weekend, and instead of carrying around a bottle of water in a backpack and having to get it in and out of there, I decided to crochet a quick water bottle holder:It's crocheted out of the leftover wool from the Irish Hiking Scarf. I made the strap a little shorter than what I wanted because I knew that the wool will stretch when it's on.

Other than that, I'm just working today on the dragon cross-stitch to see if I can finish it up finally. It would be really nice if it was finished soon.

Knit on...

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errs said...

The socks look awesome! And the crocheted bottle holder is cool.