Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Groove is Back....kinda

OK, the knitting groove has come back, only I haven't knit anything the past two days. Instead, I just figured out where the mojo had gone. It was sucked into the dragon cross stitch, which will be finished tonight:I realized that every time I looked over to the knitting pile to do anything, I saw the poor unfinished dragon. It really was only a few hours away from being done. So last night, I sat down and for 3 hours straight, I worked on the blasted border. I have one more color to go and I'm done. Totally done. Finished dammit.

Don't get me wrong, I love this cross stitch. Hell, it's been on that same hoop for almost 5 years now. And it's finally almost done. Finally almost off the hoop and ready to be bathed and framed. Even DF has said that it looks cool.

Of course then he asked what exactly do you do with it? I sat there and realized that it either gets framed or it becomes a pillow. At least with knitting, I usually get something wearable.

I think I'll sew this onto my next sweater so I can wear it after 5 years of working (mind you, not steady working. I've gone months, almost a year at a time without picking it up!)...

Actual knitting content soon, promise!

Knit on...

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Janis said...

Most of my cross stitch has ended up being framed, I think. Besides a few baby bibs, that is.

Glad you're almost done! At least you don't have any backstitching to do, eh? I was so happy when I got all the cross stitch done on a piece for my gramma, but then I had to do a bunch of backstitch, since it was the Lord's prayer. Still, always glad to get things done.