Sunday, September 07, 2008

Let There Be Knitting Pictures

Ok, since I had an almost picture-less blog last week, I thought I would start out this week with a nice knitting picture:Look, a half-way done monkey sock! It might be done today, depending on if I have an after school class or not. I can't get a straight answer about that, and I really don't want to keep asking people, so we'll see when the classes start up again. I'm personally hoping they don't start until next week.

We went and saw the movie adaptation of Mama Mia this weekend too. I didn't think the casting was all that great for it, but it wasn't terrible or anything. Not my favorite movie, but it was in English at least, so that always makes things easier for us. Maybe this next weekend we'll go see that new Star Wars animation thing that's out.

Hopefully I'll have either a finished monkey or an almost finished monkey to show you tomorrow!

Knit on...

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