Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Five Day Shawl

I finished the Kiri shawl for our friend's wedding last night. I forgot how long it takes to cast off that thing, but it was finally done around 10:15 last night. I'll be spending some time tonight blocking the shawl to turn it from a nice lacy blob into something much prettier. Here's the nice, lacy blob:Not really showing you much there. It's about 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall at the moment. I'm expecting it to almost double after blocking based on how stretchy the fabric is. Here is the close-up glamor shot:Yeah, it's not really all that glamorous I suppose. It's bumpy though.

Tomorrow there will be post-blocking pictures of this Sheptember project (don't know what that is? Check out the Lorna's Laceaholics group on Ravelry) plus the other Sheptember project: the Devon Monkeys.

Knit on...

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Kim Colley said...

'Tis very pretty.