Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Fuzzy

Yesterday I finished all the singles of the purple fleece. I made the mistake of trying to go through and pick out the decent stuff and try to re-comb the fiber. Well, it just didn't work well. I still spun it, but I rather wish that I had started on the green fleece instead of trying to salvage the rest. It turned out very neppy and fuzzy because of the second cuts that didn't get knocked out during combing this time, but hey, it's spun. So here's the ugly (ok, not terribly ugly in the picture, but still nothing I'll do anything with except felting maybe):And then there was the good part! I plied the first ball of singles that I spun and it turned out to be rather lovely. Here's the good:It's even nicer in person. I'm very pleased. Hopefully I'll have some green singles spun today and can ply one more ball of the purple tonight.

Day 5 and counting!

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