Monday, July 13, 2009


Well, I completely forgot that Monday the 13th was the rest day for Tour de Fleece. I realized this when I got home from work and was getting ready to ply a ball of singles and saw the notice. Well, on my lunch break, I had plied up the green singles:So, since it was supposed to be a rest day yesterday, I decided this morning that today would be my rest day from the tour. I know I didn't do that much yesterday, but you're supposed to do no spinning at all, so today is my official "rest" day.

Since I didn't ply anymore last night, I worked on mom's cabled diamond vest. Here's the current state of the diamond motifs:I'm really pleased with how this is turning out. Hopefully I'll make some good progress on it this evening when I get home and can't spin for the Tour!

Knit on...

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Dana said...

That handspun is amazing. And I can't wait to see how the vest turns out! Are you making up the pattern for the vest yourself, or are you working off an established pattern? If you're making it up, keep good notes! I'm sure everyone will be dying to make one once they see yours! :)