Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Vest

The vest was very nice to work on last night, except for one thing. I finished the first ball of yarn and measured. It was 6.5 inches long. At 12 inches long, it's right around half way done. Now I only have four balls of this yarn, so this means I am either going to have just enough yarn, or I'm going to be short. The pattern calls for less than 800 yards. I bought 800 yards....this could be interesting. But I'm going to keep on knitting for now. I guess worse-case is that I run out of yarn and have to frog and start it in a different yarn. A friend of mine is hitting the yarn store where I used to live to see if she can find one more ball of this color, but I am very skeptical that she'll find any.

But without further complaining, here is the lovely motif progress:It's now over 8 inches long. Cross your fingers and hope the knitting muses are on my side for once! :oP

The pattern for those who want to know is the Greenwood Cabled Vest and the pattern can be bought here if you clicky.

Knit on...

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slowgraffiti said...

it has a v-neck though... you'll make it!