Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Yarn Crawl

I had a good time this weekend. DF and I went to Seoul on Friday night and on Saturday morning, I got up before him and headed out on an all-day yarn crawl. The first place we hit was Dongdaemun and I could have probably spent all blasted day there. It was huge and was just stall after stall of yarn dealers. Sure, most of them sold basically the same thing, but there were gems tucked in there as well. I came out with all this after the first stop:Wine-colored merino. Enough for a sweater.Australian wool (unknown breeds) in denim colors. Enough for a sweater.A pound of dishcloth cotton. I need to make some since I haven't found dishcloth cotton here before.And lastly I picked up some seed beads for future shawl making.

After the crawl in Dongdaemun, we headed to Myeongdong to Banul Knits. Banul was nice, but it was much pricier than Dongdaemun for sure. Since I had pretty much already blown my budget for the day, I just picked up one ball of Austerman Step sock yarn:After Banul, our last stop of the day was Insadong and My Knits Studio. I ended up going a little crazy in this store because of their huge selection of knitting books in English. I only picked up one, but I also found the KnitPro needles in the bigger sizes I needed to complete my collection of the Harmony wood needles. So here's the haul from My Knits:Dumbledore Sock yarn. I agonized over which of the three characters to pick up, but since that evening I was going to see HBP, I chose Dumbledore. These socks will be known as the Dumbledore is dead socks.The KnitPro needles. Last, but not least, I grabbed this book as soon as I saw it:Been wanting this book ever since I heard that Cookie A was coming out with it. Wonderful layout. Can't wait to read it in detail and pick out the first pattern to make out of it.

I picked up a few other accessory things, but since as of this point I may have caused your computer to freak out, I think I'll call it quits for today. Updates on knitting projects tomorrow!

Knit on...

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