Thursday, July 02, 2009

Le Tour De Fleece

It's that time of year. Spinners everywhere are donning their gear, getting their equipment cleaned off, and training for the big event. Of course I mean the Tour De Fleece, and for those bike riders out there, the Tour De France.

I decided to participate in the Tour De Fleece this year since I have accumulated quite a lot of fleece and roving to spin on my drop spindles over here. The most recent aquisition was the custom-dyed fleece I ordered from FatCatKnits' Etsy shop. It's lovely shades of purples, blues, and greens, and the eventual hope is that it will become an awesome, warm, handspun winter coat.

My Tour goal is to spin all the purple into singles. I'm spinning it all into singles first and then I'll be playing with different plying methods to get the effect that I want out of the color transitions. Anyways, here is what I'll be working on for the next month:Now this is fleece, not roving or top, so that means I have to prep it. To do this, I made makeshift wool combs out of four dollar store metal hair combs I found:Surprisingly, they work great. Here's a couple of finished bird's nests of top that I combed:And finally, I'll be riding my super fast Golding for the race:On your mark, get set....


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