Sunday, January 31, 2010


I ended up deciding on not making a new pair of travel socks this weekend. Instead, I decided on making a hat out of the leftover malabrigo. Even after completing the hat, I probably have enough malabrigo left to do one more hat, so I'll probably work on that after I finish clue three from The Enchanted Woods KAL. Currently I am on row 18 of clue 3 after working on it yesterday afternoon. I'm hoping to work on it while between classes today, so we'll see how much free time I have.Here is the finished hat. Fits perfectly, but I just washed my hair and it's still wet, so no modeling pictures for me today. The hat is coronet from and it's really such a simple and easy pattern. Really liked the braided cable band.


Julia said...

That was quick - looks great - and still plenty of cold weather for it to be useful.

Anonymous said...

This made me do a weird double take, as I actually own the same hat in the same colorway of Malabrigo (it was gifted to me by DanaDana). It looks pretty good!