Sunday, January 24, 2010

Swimming, swimming, swimming

That's all that keeps going through my head when I'm knitting a fish hat. The hat is almost done now and I'm going to see if I can finish it this afternoon before I start the Enchanted Wood shawl clue 2. Here's the hat:I like the colors on this even if I do hate the yarn. It's acrylic I picked up while visiting DF one weekend since I had no worsted weight yarn to make myself a fish hat. I may run out of yarn before it's finished and if that's the case, I'll pick up one more ball of the stuff just so I can finish the hat.

I was going to work on the Enchanted Wood shawl this weekend some, but I saw that there was some major errata for clue 2. I decided that instead of trying to read charts on the tiny computer screen, I would wait until today when I go in to work and print out a new copy of the pattern with all the changes in it. So far my strategy of waiting at least 2 days before starting the clue is working out wonderfully. Haven't had to rip back because of a pattern mistake yet!

Tomorrow, I will either have a finished or mostly finished fish hat to show you and hopefully some shawl progress.

Knit on...

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