Monday, January 04, 2010

The Inevitable Catch Up

Yep, I'm back from vacation now, so the blog posts will be coming back again. In fact, I have more to blog about right now than I have time, so there should be a series of several posts catching up on the victories, the defeats, and the resolutions that happened while I was on a blogging vacation as well as a real one.

In short, here is the blog schedule:

1. The yarn: Victory was mine at a JoAnn Fabrics' Sale

2. The maroon merino: Defeat, in every way possible...

3. The current knitting/crocheting (yes, there is some!)

4. Resolving and resolutions: How I did with the resolutions from last year and what I resolve to do this year.

5. Knitting Olympics: Oh yeah, that is this year isn't it!?

Tomorrow: The yarn will take over the blog, and possibly my apartment

Knit on...

1 comment:

pmoys said...

I had to keep everything I had to not buy anything at that sale. I work there and its... I've only got so much space, lol!